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Long time since ive been on a computer but....   
01:32pm 20/05/2007
  Is it just me or is Ottawa goin to the Stanley Cup a sign that the world is comin to an end?  
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08:11am 08/05/2007
  Is it just me or is it kinda sad that the torries have use something as stupid as a hollow promise in bringing back an NHL team to Manitoba as a way to get votes.

Pretty sad really.
QOTD sarcastically by my brother.   
07:50pm 04/05/2007
  "Oh look a woman tryin to get outta responsibilities, what a surprise"

Couldnt say it better myself
from on ranger fan to another   
09:58pm 27/04/2007
  from sweepin in 4 to being swept in 4!

For Fuck Sakes Man!!!!!!!!!!
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LOL at Atlanta   
05:58pm 13/04/2007
  Johan Hedberg will start for the Thrashers in game 2 against the Rangers.

And WERE suppose to have no chance?

can we say 2-0 rangers after tommorrow.
Your 2007 Stanley Cup Final   
12:39pm 06/04/2007
  In a rematch from 1994

The Vancouver Canucks vs The New York Rangers!
Proof that were still gonna miss the playoffs!   
05:38pm 05/04/2007
  Islanders' Ice Girls claim abuse by Rangers

TSN.ca Staff

4/5/2007 12:16:37 PM

Two New York Islanders Ice Girls were hoping to penalize members of the New York Rangers for slashing, spitting and verbal abuse during television timeouts in the first period of Tuesday's game at Nassau Coliseum.

The NHL says it has reviewed the incident and, as far as the league is concerned, the case is closed.

"We were made aware of the situation right after the game in question," NHL executive vice president Colin Campbell told TSN. "We investigated it, talked with the officials and both teams and we determined there were no grounds to pursue it any further. It's a closed matter as far as we are concerned. We don't have to respond to what's in today's newspapers because we've already responded to it."

A report in New York newspaper Newsday reveals that the girls were cleaning loose ice in the blue-painted goaltender's crease when Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist refused to move and used his stick to hit the squeegee used to push the snow during the first TV timeout, knocking the butt end into her stomach.

"The tip of my squeegee kind of hit the tip of his stick," Kelli Higgins told Newsday. "I don't know if he thought I did that on purpose or whatever, but he took a big windup and slashed the squeegee pretty good. It startled me a little bit. It didn't feel great, but I wouldn't say I was injured or in a ton of pain. I was shocked."

During the second TV timeout, Higgins alternated jobs with another Ice Girl, Chanel Benson, who claimed she was spit on as she was leaving the ice.

"All of a sudden, my back got wet," Benson told Newsday. "I believe one of the Rangers players who was sitting along the wall spit on my back. It had to be on purpose because I wasn't directly in front of anyone to spit and not realize I was there."

During a third TV timeout, both referees and one linesman made Lundqvist move to allow Higgins to shovel the snow out. Higgins said both Lundqvist and Rangers forward Sean Avery were using curse words "that had to do with us going around with the squeegee."

Lundqvist told reporters on Wednesday before learning of the allegations that he prefers to remain in the crease to maintain concentration during breaks.

With files from Newsday.
06:08am 29/03/2007
  I can't believe were gonna go from 6th to 11th.

What a bunch of heartless bastards.

06:26pm 20/03/2007
  Don't tell me we might actually make the post season? Nah that might actually make me happy and we cant have that now can we.  
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Holy shit.   
06:16am 09/03/2007
  Don't look now but we are actually in 8th place and in a playoff spot. Better enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh yeah and Chris Simon should be suspended the rest of the season for that slash in the fucking face to Ryan Hollweg.

In regards to the New York Rangers being only 2 points out of a playoff spot.   
05:23pm 07/03/2007

"2 points holy fuck its a miracle now lets see how they fuck it up."

The Huckster (aka Dallas)

Funny cause its true.
04:46pm 27/02/2007
  Paul Mara = Stanley Cup?

Probably not.
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12:32pm 21/02/2007
  They had thunder snow in moosomin today.

Thats right thundersnow not thundershower.

Now try and tell me the weather isnt being affected by global warming.
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How is this even remotely true.   
12:31pm 20/02/2007
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I think that this may be proof that blogs mean ABSOLUTELY nothing!
This is one mans opinion about women   
12:38am 12/02/2007
  If they are old enough to go to the store, they are old enough to be bred lol.

(On a side note, thats not my opinion, i just thought it was funny, please dont send any cops to argyle courts, thanks)
For any hockey fans out there   
12:01pm 11/02/2007
  We should trade Jaromir Jagr for a bag of pucks and a graphite hockey stick.  
01:39am 09/02/2007
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That's a scary thought.   
09:25am 31/01/2007
mood: pessimistic

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If that means my life has already peaked, you mean its gonna get worse? Sheesh i wouldnt even remotely consider it a bowlful of cherries as is?

The truth, face it   
07:32pm 18/01/2007
  Indians and manner are like oil and water, they just dont go together.

That's right i said indian, not aboriginal, not native, GAS HOUGHING FUCKING INDIAN!!!!!
12:09pm 07/01/2007

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